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Apps are nothing unless they can be tailored to the experience that is best for you. We have worked hard to provide the options that users have requested the most. Many of our top questions or feature requests are actually taken care of on this page! 

  • Start on Boot: Start Signal Spy when phone boots
  • Status Bar Icon Behavior: Options are Always On, On when app is active, Off when on WiFi, Always Off
  • Network Tracking: Options are Always, Only while screen is on or Only while screen is on Or plugged in
  • Network Detection: Options are Derived, Network Operator, or SIM Operator
  • Enhanced LTE Band Detection: For Android N users, get the most accurate band detection on any carrier. Android M users can get band connectivity info collected by N users. For Android 7.0+ users, users can get real time LTE band information using Android's networking API's. Android 6/6.1 users can receive information that was collected from 7.0+ device users.
  • Exit App Behavior: Options are Ask me every time, Exit, but keep running in the background, or Exit completely
  • Combo Icons: Show single icon with the default network connection or show icons combining wi-fi and mobile connections
  • Show Dialer Codes in Notification: Show the shortcuts for the dialer codes in the Notification
  • Auto Dialer Warning: Show a warning when trying to use the auto dialer when Accessibility mode is disabled
  • Dialer Code Options: Choose which dialer codes are used in the Notification
  • Location Features: Whether or not you allow Signal Spy to get your location information to enhance your experience
  • Widget Background: Set the widget background color
  • Widget Font: Set the widget font color
  • (Pro) Use Dark Theme: Activate the dark theme for Signal Spy
  • (Pro) Show Data Usage on Notification: Allow the data usage as part of the notification
  • (Pro) Data Limit: Turn on and off the data limit feature, allow permissions, and set the daily limit
  • Hide Notifications in Lock Screen (Experimental): Attempt to hide the Notification when the screen is locked
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