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The Home Screen

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When you first load our app, you should come across our landing page. This is the central hub of Signal Spy. You can easily see how your device is connected to cellular towers and WiFi access points.

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For cellular connection, we provide you with...

  • the name of the carrier, the technology you are connected to (in order of fastest to slowest: LTE, HSPA, 3G, EDGE, 1xRTT)
  • the band (if connected to LTE, more on that here)
  • the GCI (although not useful for daily use, it could be useful for troubleshooting and for helping us with bad LTE band classification)
  • and the signal strength (the closer to zero, the better)
  • the network operator (who runs the network)
  • the SIM operator (who provided the SIM card)
  • the roaming status of the device

Feel free to report the network information if the cellular information isn't available!

For wi-fi connections, we provide...

  • the name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi router
  • the frequency it is transmitting at (5GHz has more bandwidth, but does not travel as far. 2.4GHz travels farther but has less bandwidth.)
  • the channel used by the router (for diagnostic purposes)
  • the signal strength (closer to zero the better)
  • the link speed (or bandwidth of the router, not to be confused with internet speed - this is the link between your device and the router and other computers on the same network)

Finally, on this main page, we provide some useful links and shortcuts. The first is a link to the store portion of Signal Spy, where you can donate to become a Backer (or purchase Pro). Below this link is a link to our Discord channel, if you'd like to chat with us! Then, to finish out the first column, is a link to our Useful Resources page. The first button in the second column will provide the dialer code library that allows you to dial any of the codes our app provides! Then a link to Network History. Finally we provide a link to the FAQ page of our website.

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