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Collecting Feedback Feature Request

Dual SIM Support

Please add feature to allow application to report details for dual SIM phone

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

To show LTE band directly in the top most notificationn

Love this app to let me know which LTE band the phone is using. It would be even better if this LTE band information could be shown directly, immediately, continuously at the top most notification strip. Thanks.

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

Google Fi Need to have feature that Locks Down your Preferred Network I will pay Money for this!!

Sprints Network Stinks as an MVNO for Google Fi, I would pay extra money if you could come up with a Feature that allows me to DISABLE SPRINT and only allow T-Mobil or US Cellular. Keep up the Great Work and Thank You

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

Tower map

I sure wish I could match the tower gci number to a specific tower on a map so I knew where it was! I love your app just wish it had map yet to match tower too.

Collecting Feedback Bug Report

5ghz Wi-Fi info missing

On the details page showing the current connection all of the Wi-Fi information for any 5ghz access points is missing. This is on a Pixel 2 XL running Android 10.

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

Add help menu with list of Dialer codes

Having been in a situation where SignalSpy fails to work, it would be great to have the codes listed IN the app somewhere so they could be manually entered. Having been in this situation I had to borrow someone else's device to look up the codes. I would suggest them in a help menu and NOT an Online help page somewhere as the user may not be able t…

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

Improve the details expansion to include details of each adjacent tower with band etc.

Right now long pressing on the card brings up rudimentary details of adjacent towers. This is a good start. It would be nice if it showed more information about the adjacent towers, and had the address if available for the tower you're currently on with a hot link to google maps.See also LTE Discovery and SignalCheck Pro (which also shows Carrier A…

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

Map feature

Feature could show the best network for: speed, connection strength; in area we are in

Collecting Feedback Feature Request

OpenSignal Integration

Can SignalSpy either utilize or feed OpenSignal?

Under Review Suggestion

Add the Brazilian Portuguese language

Please translate the app into the Brazilian Portuguese language.