Root and Signal Spy no longer work together. If you are currently rooted, make sure you hide root and enable Accessibility services. If you have hidden root and are still having trouble using the dialer codes, please email us to let us know at

Sorry for any trouble and confusion!

We've cooked up a new app over here at Novvia and it's called Fialer!

Fialer is a new standalone drop in dialer replacement app that will become the fastest and easiest way to utilize dialer codes to switch networks for Google Fi users! With Fialer there is no need to be rooted or enable Accessibility. A stripped-down, straightforward way to switch between cell carriers, do a SIM switch, and more! We’ve even included descriptions of each dialer code for you. And don't worry, even though Fialer will be your phone's official dialer, we have added some special magic to Fialer that will allow you to continue to use your existing dialer just like you always have!

Not only will it make your switching easier, it also allows for....wait for it.....executing dialer codes in the background. What this means is that your favorite apps have more control over when they will switch your network or run a repair code or whatever else you want! Do you want to be on T-Mobile at work but Sprint at home, do you want to be on US Cellular in the morning but on Auto during the evenings? All this is possible now!

Fialer is still currently in beta and has not yet been generally released, but will be soon. For now, use the links below to first opt in to beta testing and then the second to download the app! (It might take Google a few minutes after you click the first link for the second link to work.) addition to Signal Spy and Tasker integrations, we are excited to announce that Fialer will be integrated into an upcoming release of FiSwitch!!

For Signal Spy Pro users, you can get the Signal Spy Pro edition of Fialer for FREE! Links below:

Opt into the beta testing:

Download the app:

For everyone else:

Opt into the beta testing:

Download the app:


Android Q

September 2019 update: With the release of version 2.0, Signal Spy is now compatible with Android Q/10! One known "issue" is with the Location Permission setting and an "Unknown SSID" error. Read more about it and how to fix it here.

We have been alerted to issues with Signal Spy and dialer codes in general on Android Q. 

We are going to be looking into it and will update this thread with information as soon as we have it.

Thank you,

Signal Spy Dev Team



  • First release of Signal Spy 2.0!
  • New Dark Theme
  • New Preferred Network notification feature for Pro users!
  • New Help Center for support and diagnostics
  • Android Q compatibility
  • Misc fixes and enhancements
  • More to come...

**Signal Spy 2.0 is now available for download from the Play Store**

We are thrilled to announce the release of Signal Spy 2.0!! Here's what you need to know:

  1. TOTAL overhaul of the user experience!
  2. NEW Preferred Network feature for Pro users
  3. NEW Help Center
  4. Android Q compatibility (including updated Dark Theme)

More to come!!!


Over the weekend, a fix was released for the data usage error users were seeing! 

As always, please use the Contact Us form to let us know if you're having trouble or you can email us at



Data Usage

Recently we have had several people let us know that they are having trouble with accessing the data usage information in Signal Spy. At this time, we think it may have something to do with an Android update and not Signal Spy. That said, we are looking in to the problem and will have a fix for you soon.

We will keep you updated via this News page, so please subscribe to get updates as they are posted.

Thank you for using Signal Spy!

  • New card for alerting user to issues with Permissions
  • Update internal libraries
  • Misc updates and bug fixes
  • Updated Resources (reddit and discord, removed G+)
  • Updated backer section
  • Misc small updates
  • Added code for switching sims (e-sim and physical) and for Updating PRL
  • Update for issue that crashes Signal Spy as soon as it is opened
  • Fixed colors for menu and news for Dark Theme
  • Fixed bug with data in notification not going away
  • Fixed (another) bug with the status bar icon not updating
  • Replaced ads on home screen with smaller ones
  • Added more in depth "Email Support" option
  • General updates to support Android Oreo
  • Added "Keep Alive" setting for users on Oreo to make sure everything runs well in the background
  • Added link to Google Opinion Rewards in the Store (Great app!)
  • Updated Accessibility Service to be compliant with Google
  • Fixed issue with some LTE bands now showing up
  • General improvements and updates to dialer codes
  • Removed Android Wear 1.x compatability
  • Added additional international carrier icons
  • Misc fixes and enhancements


  • Decreased number of wakelocks for most users
  • Updated Analytics
  • New setting for opting out of communications
  • Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Removed more wakelocks for all devices on N and above
  • Fixed Data Usage cards to scale better for devices with large font
  • Added diagnostic information to support email information
  • Fixed switching problem for rooted Oreo users

New Requested Features!

  • New Setting - cell icon only when on WiFi - This will show you the cellular icon regardless of WiFi connection
  • New Setting Options - Only in status bar pull down when on WiFi and Off when on WiFi in Status Bar Icon Behavior

Additional Updates

  • Prep for news and update notifications (You can opt out of these notifications in Settings: Communication Opt-Out)
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes


  • Free users - Basic Quick Tile Functionality
  • Pro users - Advanced Quick Tile Functionality (see Network in tile, click to change)
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated analytics
  • Updated ad providers
  • Fixed font color in history for pro users
  • Added more detailed release notes for Jason
  • Fixed bug from last version, which showed blank screen for some users
  • Fixed some ads not showing for Basic users
  • Fixed some ads showing for Pro users
  • Minor overhaul of how in app purchases are managed
  • Temporarily removed the ability to restart app on update due to bug
  • Added ability to restart app on update
  • Updated ads


  • Enhanced LTE band detection (must opt in via settings)
  • Alternate carrier detection modes (new settings)
  • More... area for home screen, which will give additional information (let me know if you have suggestions for other data here)
  • Added setting for exit behavior
  • Moved backend to firebase
  • Added ability to add new carrier logos on the fly
  • Enhanced international detection
  • Misc copy updates
  • Misc bug fixes

*(Dark theme coming soon!)

  • Fixed notifications in Android 7
  • Added more information about Pro version
  • Changed "Data Saver" feature to "Data Limit"
  • Added ridiculous donation amounts
  • Added US Cellular
  • Added Data Usage reports
  • Added Data Saver (Pro) feature - Don't use your data on accident again!
  • Misc improvements and fixes (notification, VPN conflicts, etc.)
  • Added breakout of data usage by network for Pro users
  • Updated icon for "pending" from two arrows to Signal Spy "logo"
  • "OK Google" Hotword functionality ("OK Google, start Signal Spy" > prompts you for dialer code name)
  • Basic Android Wear app for "OK Google"
  • Fix flickering/strange icon behavior
  • Fix for missing button text in Android N
  • Addition of "Send Network Info" for network debugging (in Home Page menu)
  • Fix for Rooted Dialer crash
  • Fix for Dialer crash
  • Accessibility Service is good to turn back on
  • Update Dialer Codes from home screen to be able to be used by Non Pro users in Copy/Paste mode
  • Re-added the check for accessibility when using Dialer Codes
  • Fix for app freezing
  • Fix lag in application on startup, etc.
  • New Pro Feature - Automated switching for both non-root and rooted users!!!
  • Use date format from device (i.e. 12 hour or 24 hour format)
  • Updated/Improved Dialer Code launcher (no longer requires the app to open every time)
  • New and Improved Settings page
  • Links to Getting Started guide and FAQ
  • Misc bug fixes and enhancements
  • Added settings for Widget Background and Font color
  • Added ability to exit app by pressing back from home screen (Due to recommended operation by Android, some processes may wait to be cleaned up by the operating system, this should not affect your usage at all.)
  • Added ability for Backers to sign up for Backer Community
  • Misc improvements and bug fixes
  • Pro description
  • Added Pro Version
  • Added first Pro feature - Detailed History
  • Improvements on network monitoring
  • GPS for detailed history
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix hide notification on lock screen for only swipe
  • Fix Airplane Mode spamming history
  • Added LTE bands


  • Added ability to hide notification on the lock screen
  • Added information to track down repeating history entries
  • Fixed copy
  • Removed spamming debug messages
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix typo
  • Fix bad URL on button on home screen
  • Fixed bad UI for purchased items
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix signal refresh "777"
  • Fix notification shade for non LTE connections
  • Show airplane mode in notification and widget
  • Center UI text vertically in widget
  • Add new LTE band/gci correlations
  • General bug fixes/stability improvements
  • Added links to new community and google group
  • Misc small bug fixes


  • Fixed error that caused no notification and/or incorrect airplane mode


  • Misc bug fixes
  • Better recognition of LTE bands. Thanks for the feedback you've given us thus far!
  • LTE bands visible without Wi-Fi being connected (because I'm an idiot and forgot to do that haha)
  • The app is more forgiving if you don't have permissions we need. If we don't have them we shouldn't crash for most things. We didn't have time to fix all of them, but it's much improved than it was before.


  • Experimental LTE Band support (requires Location permission)
  • Diagnostics report (for support)
  • Updated Widget UI
  • Bug fixes for battery drain and refresh lag
  • Misc improvements "under the hood"


  • Another fix for Android 6.0 fresh installs
  • Added debug information for refresh issue


  • Fix for Android 6.0 fresh installs
  • Added clear history
  • Additional infrastructure changes


  • Stability fixes
  • Added Wifi Frequency and Speed to widget
  • Made widget horizontally resizable to show more information


  • Additional fixes for refresh issues
  • Start on Boot and Keep in Tray works correctly again
  • Very minor change to widget


  • "Exit App" button to completely exit app and background
  • Download history
  • Small infrastructure improvements


  • Fix for crash on boot for some users
  • Fixed lock screen notification for some users


  • Ability to restore lost donation records
  • Turned ads back on for free users
  • Added additional crash reporting tools
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements


  • Simple Widget (More coming!)
  • Fix crash on boot
  • Other big fixes
  • Small fix for Airplane Mode (still work to do here)


  • (Really) Disabled ads by temporarily disabling them
  • Very minor UI changes