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OCT 19 2016

Version 1.7

  • Added US Cellular
  • Added Data Usage reports
  • Added Data Saver (Pro) feature - Don't use your data on accident again!
  • Misc improvements and fixes (notification, VPN conflicts, etc.)
  • Added breakout of data usage by network for Pro users
  • Updated icon for "pending" from two arrows to Signal Spy "logo"
  • "OK Google" Hotword functionality ("OK Google, start Signal Spy" > prompts you for dialer code name)
  • Basic Android Wear app for "OK Google"
  • Fix flickering/strange icon behavior
  • Fix for missing button text in Android N
  • Addition of "Send Network Info" for network debugging (in Home Page menu)
  • Fix for Rooted Dialer crash
  • Fix for Dialer crash
  • Accessibility Service is good to turn back on
  • Update Dialer Codes from home screen to be able to be used by Non Pro users in Copy/Paste mode
  • Re-added the check for accessibility when using Dialer Codes
  • Fix for app freezing
  • Fix lag in application on startup, etc.
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