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Jul 8 2020

LG Stock Dialer

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We're getting reports from users that the newest update to the stock dialer on LG phones does not allow for forced carrier switching using the dialer codes on Google Fi. 

These users DO report that reverting back to the previous version of the dialer app restores the ability to force switch.

So, if you're unable to force switch carriers with Signal Spy and you have an LG phone, check when your dialer app was last updated. Reverting back to an earlier version could help. As always please reach out to us through the Help Center in the app with questions.

Don't want to revert to the earlier dialer version and lose out on fixes/upgrades with the update? Check out our other app Fialer! Fialer will allow you to continue using your existing phone dialer but because Fialer will be set as your default dialer, it uses its own dialer for the Google Fi codes and bypasses your stock dialer. The best part? If you have Signal Spy Pro then Fialer is FREE! Fialer will run in the background and you can keep using Signal Spy as you always have. Click here to read more on our Fialer support page.

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